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27th June 2013

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I realize this is the second time I’ve uploaded a picture I’ve taken of a giant roadside beaver to tumblr but… jesus who knew there would be more than one giant beaver?? The closing photo is captainhowdyinspace pissing on Vermont because it’s the worst fucking state in the whole country. Seriously. No one go to fucking Vermont. Especially not Burlington. Fucking worst fucking state of all fucking time. Also, I found some baby frogs. Fuck Vermont.

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18th January 2013


Here’s some things I thought were really funny cause I’m twelve apparently.

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17th August 2012

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Ok I’m back from my trip. Happened to pass this here statue on my way home though… It’s a giant beaver… for Beaver Self Storage… yep.

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30th July 2012

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14th June 2012

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Via. krysto_O’s flickr

Via. krysto_O’s flickr

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