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19th September 2014

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life on a motorcycle


life on a motorcycle

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11th July 2014

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#lilpigs #jimmy #stickers #porkland #dogwalk

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13th May 2014

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30th April 2014

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Being Female in Comic Book Culture

Let me just clear some things up for a minute because I think there is a serious miscommunication going on here.

Sometimes I tell men that I am a super hero comic fan. When I do, many men reply by saying “Wow that’s so cool, I hardly ever meet girls who care about or are interested in comics!”

News flash: the reason women are not as involved in comic book/superhero culture is not because of a lack of interest in the subject.

There are less women in comic book/superhero culture because we weren’t invited/are actively pushed out of it.

When women open most comic books and look at the depiction of women, it becomes clear to them very quickly that they are not the intended audience for the product. Ie. they were not invited to the party. In fact, the portrayal of women, if they are even included at all, is saddening, angering, and hurtful.

Let me propose a scenario. Your best friend Joey tells you that he’s having a party but that you are not invited. The night of the party you drive by the house and overhear a large group of people making fun of you and saying offensive/hurtful things about you at the party.

Because of the fact that A. you were not invited and B. a large group/the majority of the people at the party are actively making fun of you, you choose not to go to the party.

Then, when Joey sees you’re not at the party, he starts a rumor about you saying “Wow, he didn’t show up to the party so he must not be interested in this party. He must not have cared about this party.” Now everybody at the entire party is saying that you didn’t come because you weren’t interested in the party.

Obviously the reason you didn’t go to the party is because you weren’t invited and the people there were being hurtful to you, not because you weren’t interested in going.

SO… back to comic books and women. If you don’t see a lot of women in comic book/superhero culture, it isn’t because they aren’t interested, it’s because YOU GUYS DON’T EVER INVITE US! If you do invite us, it’s so that you can objectify us, or score on us. And if we do show up, your culture treats us poorly and/or asks us ridiculous quiz questions to test if we’re “really truthful fans.”

Next time you meet a woman who is interested in comics, or any male dominated culture for that matter (sports, rock music, hip-hop music, all music, science, etc.), don’t say something offensive and ignorant like “Wow that’s so cool, I don’t know any women who areĀ interested in this!” Instead maybe you should say something like “Oh that’s awesome, I really admire you for having the endurance to be a part of a culture that can be so unwelcoming and hurtful to women. That takes a kind of strength that I can’t imagine, I think it’s really cool.” Then move on from the topic and talk about comics with her.

You can’t expect us to be at a party that we weren’t invited to, a party that we’re actively being mistreated at.

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13th April 2014

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8th April 2014


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4th April 2014

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1st April 2014

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10th March 2014

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life on a motorcycle

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3rd March 2014

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26th February 2014

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Vita Kan.

Vita Kan.

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24th February 2014

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23rd February 2014

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5th January 2014

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5th January 2014

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