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20th January 2014


New York City subway.

New York City subway.

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27th June 2013

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Primarily┬áthese pictures are a testament to how immature we are. We went on a huge road trip and this is what we chose to take pictures of. Cummins and Moorcock. Also captainhowdyinspace throwing up all over Smethport, PA because it’s the worst fucking town ever. Never go to Smethport.

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12th June 2013

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While Chicago residents fought for their schools last week, hundreds of student, parent and community groups joined forces with their local teachers unions to fight school privatization schemes in their own cities, and show their solidarity with Chicago.

Read more: Cities nationwide stand with Chicago against school closings

We’re talking about

New York City.



Washington DC.



San Fran.

It’s all over the country.

It’s the children of our country.


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19th August 2012

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Yeah so I bought the GQ with Tebow on the cover… totally worth it.

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19th July 2012

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25th June 2012

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Ok that’s the last one I swear.

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25th June 2012


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