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28th March 2014

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Been watching fight videos insteada doing any of my paper…

Julie Kitchen vs. Miriam Nakamoto. Miriam is obviously my favorite.


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23rd March 2014

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8th December 2013

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This needs more notes ._.

I have two faaaavorite comebacks to cosplay creeps. 

Scenario 1: This guy is interviewing me as Deadpool. He is gesturing to my chest and asks me what makes me better than regular Deadpool. “Because my without my healing factor, I can bleed for 5 days and not die.” Insert flabbergasted interviewer.

Scenario 2: I was Poison Ivy and a DIFFERENT interviewer. His friends/camera crew approached me, very nicely, and asked for an interview. I agree. Then he turns to the camera and says something to the effect that I MUST be the REAL Poison Ivy because he can’t stop itching from last night. So I deadpan it and tell him he must be the Flash’s secret identity since he was the fastest man alive last night. They had to stop filming because his friends laughed so hard and he turned bright red. He apologized and I told him he was forgiven if they kept that zing in there. 

Look, we know you’re trying to be funny. But TRYING to be funny and ACTUALLY being funny are two different things. You’re surrounded by attractive people in skimpy and not skimpy outfits. Most reactions of cosplayers are ” :| ” to the jokes when they’re trying to put on a smile to be friendly.  

Just… don’t. Please. 

For realzies. All of the cultures who are generalized as being HYPER into females are always the same fucking cultures that push us away completely, creep us the fuck out, and make us feel unwelcome or alienated just by existing within them. Counter-productive fellas?

Think about it.


The entire comic world.

The entire video game world.

The entire sci-fi world.

The entire metal world.

The punk world.

The entire sports world.

The entire hip-hop world.

If yall are “SOOOOO INTO WOMEN,” as you claim to be, make us want to be a part of your lame cultural events perhaps?? Then maybe we’ll fucking talk to you. Probably not though. 

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1st October 2013

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captainhowdyinspace is tryna get me into hockey this year, which apparently starts tomorrow.
I’m excited.

captainhowdyinspace is tryna get me into hockey this year, which apparently starts tomorrow.

I’m excited.

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11th August 2013

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Fli City Sports Hall of Fame

Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields is a boxer born & raised in Flint, MI.  In August 2012 she made history by becoming the first  American woman to win a boxing gold medal at the London Olympics.   A recent Northwestern high school grad, she fought her first hometown fight on August 8, 2013 at Kettering University defeating her opponent.  She will be attending Olivet College this fall on a full scholarship.

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21st May 2013

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Cecilia Braekhus calling out Holly Holm.

The more this word gets out, the more likely Holly will have to respond.

Cecilia has so much class in the face of her cowardice… I love it.

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16th May 2013

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Perfect description of life.

Perfect description of life.

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30th April 2013


The attitude of this commenter is fucking disgusting. The $7.1 million that her claims to be an “absurd” request to help save the futures of Philadelphia’s children makes up LESS THAN 1% of what the four major sports teams in philadelphia drew in last year. LESS THAN 1%!!!!!!!

I would like to see this sick mother fucker say to the face of a graduate of public schools in the School District of Philadelphia that the investments that were made in their future were a waste of money in a bottomless pit. This city receives less money than all of the surrounding districts yet has more children than all of them combined, and you call it a bottomless pit?? Why do he say “more” money as if there was ANY FUCKING MONEY TO BEGIN WITH!? People like this scare me. What would he have done if he was in charge of the district? “Oh, these kids appear to be struggling, I know, let’s take away all of their funding cause it’s clearly a waste of money and these kids are just failures anyway!” So what he just doesn’t want the students of Philadelphia to even have schools to go to or have access to any programs that other districts take for granted? This man has clearly never met a single child or student from Philadelphia.


Fuck you.

Suck my fucking cunt you disgusting piece of trash.

You wanna say that to one of these kids fucking faces?

I wouldn’t be where the fuck I am right now, in college, writing, reading, fucking becoming an educator if it wasn’t for the programs offered to me by the School District of Philadelphia public schools.

Fuck you. We don’t need you.

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22nd April 2013

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Fund Athletics for the Students of Philadelphia →

Hey guys! This is super important and you should do it! Philadelphia got about 25% of their budget cut… Help bring sports back for next year! All you gotta do is sign the petition! It’s super easy. And… reblog this bitch!

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18th April 2013


The four major sports teams in Philly had over $800 million in revenue. 1% of that revenue would fully fund sports in Philly High Schools. Make it 5% and it would fund all of the academics, the extra $32 million would pay for 300 counselors.

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18th April 2013

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Ava “the Lady of Boxing” Knight 


Ava “the Lady of Boxing” Knight 

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26th March 2013

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Lucia Rijker


Lucia Rijker

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28th February 2013

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28th February 2013

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Lauryn Eagle


Lauryn Eagle

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28th February 2013

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Marlen Esparza —- USA, Boxing 

Bout to go to sleep but figured I’d post some female boxers first cause I was just watching some Marlen Esparza clips…
Marlen Esparza —- USA, Boxing 

Bout to go to sleep but figured I’d post some female boxers first cause I was just watching some Marlen Esparza clips…

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